Egalnet is a community site which enables the registered organizations to contact and communicate.  We also enable our users to create their own website with the help of a simple application. More information.
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 What does Egalnet offer for you?
free registration
website creation application which you can use perfectly with minimum computer skills
30 completely different designs with altogether 120 colors
free portal modules (search, voting, forum, e-shop, media and document store, etc.)
50 Mb free storage space (on case-by-case judgement, you may get up to 100 MB)
continuously available e-mail customer service
and a community where you can run forums, vote or read others’ comments
The following groups and/or foundations, associations of the organizations / societies supporting those groups may register on Egalnet
Small localities
People under the age of 25
Minority communities
People with disabilities
Unemployed people
Retired people
Mothers on maternity leave, family helpers
Non-profit organizations